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Several years ago I met Barbara Morello who had experienced a miraculous recovery from a failed heart that defied medical explanation. She reminded me of another woman I knew who had incredibly not only recovered from pancreatic cancer but has gone on to run 95 marathons into her eighties. In the years since I first heard about these amazing stories I have encountered others who have also experienced totally unbelieveable recoveries from fatal prognoses. I also met a physical therapist who has been able to heal people with devastating spinal injuries to the point that they can now run again and even jump out of airplanes.

As someone who likes to challenge conventional wisdom, these amazing stories led me to think deeply about what conventional medicine is missing about the power of the mind on the body and vice-versa. This led to an exploration of cellular communication, and many aspects of the mind-body including the role of hope, belief and mindset in healing.

It was around this time that I met Dr Jon Lieff and his amazing work on cellular communication. The fact that trillions of cells were constantly messaging each other, sometimes wirelessly and in very specific ways, in a matter of milliseconds, is literally mind-blowing. What it shows is, as Candace Pert wrote in her book Molecules of Emotion, that the body is the subconscious.

Recent work has also demonstrated that bacteria in the gut has a very strong influence on the production of neurotransmitters, thus influencing our cognition and emotions. Perhaps rationality and conscious decision-making are over rated? Which raises the whole question of the degree of influence on these cellular processes on consciousness, and vice-versa.

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