The Language of Cells

In the first episode of The Miracle Within You radio show, Dr Jon Lieff, an expert in cellular communication talked about the amazing connectivity of cells throughout the body. He upend conventional wisdom by showing that cells communicate wirelessly and by quantum mechanics. This means that cells in every part of the body are constantly talking to, and influencing, each other.

How do these cells know how, when and what to communicate and to whom? The complexity is incredible and happening every millisecond. The immune systems T-cells are remarkable in this regard.

When there is an infection or toxic intruder, signals are sent to the bone marrow to make more T-cells. These T-cells are then created and then sent to “Ranger School” which is in the Thymus gland where Nurse cells test the newly created T-cells for two things: ability to detect infections and toxins, and to challenge them appropriately. Few of these cells actually make passing grade but those that do are then directed to the infection site by complex instructions designed to get them there as fast as possible. Yes, your immune system has a GPS.

When there’s a major problem, the T-cells need to recruit as much help as possible and send signals to shut down neurons thereby releasing mor cells and energy to defeat the intruder. Just remember that the next time you’re feeling sick – your body is fighting for you. The neurons only come back online when the T-cells tell them to do so and no longer need all their resources.

If you think this is mind-blowing, just listen to episode 1 in the How Not to Think series and/or read Jon Lieff’s amazing book The Secret Language of Cells. Not only with the details there blow your mind, they might also help you realize how to use your mind and body to heal.